Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It is thundering outside...As I lay here in bed at 12:07AM, I lay in pain from my Endometriosis. Guess what folks? This is why surgery removal is necessary. Cut all those cells out and move on for the third time . I can not believe the day I had. I made a doc appointment then went to the ER for the chest pains I've been having. I didn't really think something was wrong I assumed POTS or something with my port but all was well. Thanks goodness.
But one thing I know is I am tired of begging and wagering my
Medical care. I was treated very poorly (like that's a new thing) and it's a whole new level of "are you kidding me?"  I'm human don't kick me when I am already down. Judge me for turning down an Iv I did not need. Because I had already had two before inset foot in there and definetly was not dehydrated...That if I took my kidneys would pull out my electrolytes, and yes I don't take the ibuprofen based meds... They mess with me and make me pee and I think it's the blood volume, and yes I will question when medications are given in higher doses then I have ever had....and that I just had a dose of 15minutes prior. I will be my own advocate. I'm not trying to make your job hard selfish little nurse. You walked into my room with a horrendous attitude and I will pray that your heart can feel better because by the way you treated me you must be in a lot of pain! But don't judge m. I warn and do the best I can to help. You weren't there to see the hand written medical lists, answering all those questions, please don't make it harder then it has to be. I would gladly take that medication that I am being too "dramatic and wasteful" with but don't you see that medicine if taken would cause  this body of mine more harm. So I get rejected and doctors won't give me anything else they cave up. Have a little power trip. And in the meantime while all this is going on I am hurting badly I am not okay and today I wretched for a long while...supposivley because they thought it was a two year old in another room... If you have heard me wretching it doesn't sound like a two year old. Don't lock  people up in a room and just leave them there.But I am fighting. I know God has plans for me...somewhere-Chelle