Saturday, June 4, 2016

Medical Record Emotions

As I dug through these medical records I haven't looked at in years, (needed a diagnostic test to take to new rheumatologist) this is only two years worth of medical records of just my own...

it automatically came over me, the feeling that I have been so far. I have walked a very long path. I had to make books of my own medical records with my own two hands filled with tests, doctor's visits, procedures, surgeries, medication lists, therapies, symptom diaries, food diaries. I carefully put them all together by date so they would be easy access for any doctor to look at. Not knowing that they'd be just shoved back at me rudely as soon as they caught eye of them. But I kept going with hope in my heart of finding out what was wrong with this body. The days were long and hard but my Heavenly Father was always with me giving me guidance and I was never alone. I may have gone down a long agonizing path but I also completed the pathway. So it's okay I fell but I got back up and never quit. Did I get the answers I wanted a cure? No. I did get a diagnosis though and a better treatment plan. And a much stronger testimony in God, Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost, the church, and the real important things in this life.