Monday, June 20, 2016

Fathers Day Weekend

My week was rough. But we all came together to celebrate the fathers in our family. Happy Father's Day Dad!
Me and mom went to pick up some of our stuff we had stored at my Aunt & Uncle's house. I had like no clothes and needed formula and some medical stuff so we got there and decided to pack up as much as we could to return home. For me to be able to do that was nothing short of a miracle. Did I pay for it? Yes, but it was. Worth it to help my Momma who is constantly helping me. Teamwork. Sure my feet needed to be up and I needed more rest but I did it! 
Now today (Monday) I am staying down all day on my couch. I am still recovering a bit from my new tube placement. It's healing nicely. Plus super smokey so I have no choice but to stay indoors. I have bad allergy induced asthma and though it is better since I am older I am a high risk..                                             We stopped at the store and I just couldn't help myself my granddad needed flowers for fathers day at his grave and a quick visit.
He was my angel for so long lifting me up in my hardest times. I must be stronger now and he doesn't hang around so much anymore. But I know he is busy as a bee up there in Heaven and he still knows what's going on here.
I found a way to "eat" and it's since my docs put me on a 24/7 stomach decompression. (Oh by the way, while we have Tubie talk my old tube was making me so I'll due to it having a hole in it) I drink those cold Starbucks drinks (I am a coffee holic and I have gone two years with out any!!) But I knew it would  drain right out, as soon as it was put in and so now I take my drain bag in my backpack with my feeds and I drink my yummy coffee drink, while everyone else eats dinner. And you know what? I felt like full and good about it all. I wasn't just sitting there watching everyone eat awkwardly. I was participating...Now I haven't had a problem with it but it just is weird when someone who ate forever just can't eat anymore. Hope all Daddys out there enjoyed their special days. Please keep continuing the prayers for the Cedar Creek Fire and the communities effected and those firefighters ( it did jump a line last night towards pine top area) -Chelle