Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Another day

(Tuesday update)Doing better! Tube is good! Still battling the worst yeast infection ever and surely lichen planus. I am so worn out I have spent my week in bed or on the couch. Today however, I felt like I could work out again (its key to my sanity and it helps my POTS) so I "ran" a mile on the glider and walked a mile. I was super duper shocked that my body picked up where it left off last week. I literally will walk circles around my house if I have to in order to get my blood pumping these days it's that crucial (definitely not a cure but it helps my system)  can't be outside with the smoke. so I am proud of my little self. I also had a frustrating call my surgeon's office called to tell me I needed a cardiac clearance and ekg by a cardiologist before the 8th of July!!!! For my surgery July 26th. What!? They couldn't even give me a referral to one? So of course I went to my neurologist because cardiologist needs to understand POTS... I called them and who would've know I was already a patient I saw this very cardiologist in 2013. My mom said she remembers but I don't at all! I prayed big time about this feeling like there is no way to pull this appointment off and it's not enough time! Ah my surgery will be post poned... But I got in the 6th!! High five! I relied on pure faith I literally hung up the phone and prayed and God fully came through within a few short hours. And I didn't have to stress. Lesson for today: lean on your faith! -Chelle (today's update) tube has healed and I am looking over photos I can't believe how taped my abdomen has had! Poor skin haha
and I've been having chest pain which I was concerned was related to my port but my Amazing doctor squeezed me into her schedule and I had a rib out!! What what?! Haha I am so relieved and she put it back in like a million gold stars for her!! I am blessed to have such an amazing pcp who literally cares about me I'm not a number or a paycheck there. So so very blessed! I still have a low grade fever believe it or not! Idk why but I'm not concerned right now I think maybe it's my autonomic nervous system malfunctioning?? Could be. My weight is still down a bit but I am slowly getting those feeds back up! Literally one day at a time :)  Oh and all my POTS friends if you'd like to join my new support group you're more then welcome on one condition you must have a POTS diagnosis!! Gotta keep us safe! So if you don't have POTS sorry!! the link to the closed Come As You Are POTS support group and you must have POTS to be apart of this group* please if you do NOT have POTdont request an invite it's not that I don't love you but we have to keep our members safe first and for most thanks -Chelle