Friday, June 3, 2016

This too shall pack

That meteor falling from the sky two mornings ago did wake me but I just assumed it was a neighbor making noise. My Dad panicked because he thought my Iv pole fell on me. Hahah but anyways I am packing my bags once again! I should be a professional at this point! Well I actually thing I am. Organizations is key. And lists. Three separate lists. And double check them because even after all that you are bound to have everything but the kitchen sink except for a really important item (hmmm like last week Michelle) the Iv pump! Whoops!! That would have been bad but it was a day trip. Speaking of packing I got a brand NEW feed backpack by Zevex infinity pump or moog.  My feeds are at 20ml per hour still. Weight is and will be lost. But I'm holding my own. So that's not good. Just trying to wait it out and see where it takes me. My Endometriosis is hurting badly despite me not having enough nutrition support to produce a cycle. My Lichen Planus is flared. And my specialist has been out of office all week (looks like I'm going back on my immune suppression medication) I also have pelvic floor tension myalgia going on. Which all three is so painful. I have been super addictive to this song by Sinclair. It's called "This to Shall Pass " 
 Bad times come with chronic illness but we just have to take a deep breath and remember how much purpose we have on this earth! And that God loves us so much he is allowing us to hurt so we can grow stronger than ever before. But the darkest of days will pass even the dark days that cluster into months, the sun will shine again and the birds will sing their sweet tunes and we will know that those hard times have passed-Chelle