Saturday, June 25, 2016

A POTS Flare Saturday 6-25-16

I woke up in a POTS  flare and I could feel my heart beating funny I couldn't feel my arms and hands (or fingers) I woke up feeling like I had been ran over by a tanker... So I slowly at up flushed my port and hep locked it. And then took morning meds. I am having a lot of pain today and doing my best to keep all my pain at bay... Pain makes my POTS flare, then I wretch for hours at a time and end up in the hospital and the feeding tube I am is a high risk that I could vomit it up. In fact I ended my evening throwing up last night... So we are being extra sweet to this body today and resting and feeding and takin our vitamins. Also despite being so POTSie I knew a small work out would help. So I did 1im of cardio on the glider. I also have had my crazy compression socks on all day... They did not look this wacky on the small picture online but they do their job so that is what matters!! Plus everyone comments how fun they are.
They definitely are bright lol
i have had that bruise on my knee for q week now and it hasn't shown the slightest of a sign of going away.. I am actually covered in these little bruises some I have had for three whole weeks. I think it's a malnourished thing body won't heal without its fuel... Womp womp... We hit 25mls yesterday but I had to take a lax so we haven't been able to go any higher maybe this afternoon we will up feeds another ml?  I still have my low grade fever. I have had it since February it's the end of June! I guess taking me off immuno suppressiant did not work... Because the fever is still here. However now I am battling my lichen Planus and struggling pretty good with the issues and infections that come with treatments... I have concluded my low grade fevers are more then likely my Dysautonomia. It makes since it's an autonomic function... I did open a support group for Gastroparesis... It is a closed fb supple group called The Gastroparesis Vent.
This has been keeping me busy while resting today...  if you have Gastroparesis and would like to join do so!! Invite your Gastroparesis friends but only patients with Gastroparesis can join. Please, if you Do NOT have Gastroparesis don't try joining. It's not that we don't love you but you don't belong there. ------Oh and if you missed it I opened a POTS support group yesterday closed as well on Facebook. It's called Come as you are POTS Support Group.  Same thing as above only invite yourself if you are a POTS patient* and bring your POTS friends! Please do not ask to join if you do NOT have POTS! Thx! These weren't planned by me they sort of just happened but I am excited and God works in Mysterious ways right? Maybe it's just the thing I need right now. Putting my faith before my fears xo-Chelle