Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tough time

Well my feeding tube came out yesterday, (of course after I had gotten out of the shower with a new white shirt on. I looked out the door to check to see if my feed delivery arrived and Mr. Wrecker needed to see to. So I had him by he collar and he pulled a bit and the next thing I know my tube was out (I don't think he pulled it out the balloon looked like it popped) so I let go of the dog and was yelling for him to come home with a bleach tray in my mouth so I hurry and Ross it into the sink. Call my neighbors and luckily they came to the rescue with my dog and I ended up taking a million years and a trip to pheonix.
and am now in Phoenix in the hospital... I did get a new tube (not the right one , low profile) and it's the tube I hate the most. But I guess it will work for now. My stoma closed up and I had to have it redone so I am in a lot of pain now. My potassium has been critically low all day and I am starving and this body is starting to show it. A little low blood sugar earlier. I am hoping for a bag of TPN tonight to feed my organs and help stabilize me. I will be starting feeds at a rate of 10ml per hour. So worn and tired. I have been in withdrawal and confusion due to not getting my normal medications. (No feeding tube =no meds)  plus there is a fire close to our hometown and we are out of town so much added stressors. I want to feel better and go home home. But looks like wqnting and getting are two very different things -Chelle