Monday, June 6, 2016

Doctor day 1

St. Joseph's Hospital Phx.

Today I saw my favorite Dr. Anita Desai (pelvic pain specialist/surgeon) she is so awesome and takes good care of me. We made a plan for surgery and we are going to do surgery July 26th for removal of my Endometriosis. Which will get rid of these toxic adhesions that grow inside me and on/around my organs. Then I will recover and be returning back to pelvic physical therapy. It was nice being at St. Joes though, it always has a homely feel to it )I don't know if it is because I love my doctors there or if it's because I was born premie there and lived there for a few months) but I'm always like calm there. Then we visited another old stomping ground from our old pelvic trauma fixing days and went to Melrose pharmacy to get my speciality meds. Then we saw a new rheumatologist to see if we could once and for all figure out if I really have Sj√∂gren's syndrome or not. He voted not but was unsure and is running a Panel of labs to check. We knew I'd need surgery again in the future for Endometriosis years ago when I had my last. That's the hard part of Endometriosis you can only truly take care of it by surgery. We also knew pelvic floor issues are something I will deal with as well. I'm just thankful for the tools and lovely caregivers in my life to help me get better. Even when we have to walk the path over and over again. -Chelle