Friday, June 17, 2016

Cedar creek fire

Our town is under a pre evacuation notice from the cedar creek fire.
Though this photo is from two days ago, we have a lot more control to get. I think it just needs time and we will be okay (my personal opinion)...(my sister took it while leaving our house after her and my aunt/uncle helped gather the important stuff up as I was in the hospital in pheonix as well as my mom with me. We came to my aunts house about 30 minutes out of Show Low and they graciously took my pup and cared for him! We came home today because the smoke is going the other way from wind changes. We only brought a days worth of stuff and left the rest to be safe with them in case of evacuation or my asthma not handling the smoke. It's so great to be home. This fire is truly hard for us all it brings back horrible memories from the rodeo chedisky fire. I was a kid then and just remember it like yesterday. It's been a stressful week and our town and surrounding areas could use some good prayers, please pray for the fire fighters safety as well! I am feeling a lot less pain from having to cut my stoma back open and getting the new tube. A little stronger today as I detox from all those nasty drugs (pain, way huge amounts of Iv nausea meds, and anesthesia) less circles around my eyes and My feeds are back up to 20ml per hour, I have a long ways  to build feeds up again, time will tell-Chelle  idk who put this on face book but it spoke to me and I saved it so I wanted to share it with you, please never give up life is full of crazy stress and hard times (that's why we are here to learn, stretch and grow... So we can get to the other side with our wisdoms and strength  for heaven's work)