Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Be Strong. Keep Fighting

Though I feel sad about my new diagnosis and frustrated... something inside of me keeps fighting, it always does. I keep trying exercises and being up on my feet. I keep going for my short evening walks down the street and back I continue eating 10,000 mg of Salt a day. I drink 85-100 FL oz. of fluids a day (half electrolytes) I keep fighting because, what would quitting get me? I would be more sick I am sure. So as hard as it is to fight and carry on at times like this. I just keep going because I will get there someday. no quitting. quitters always loose. Hold your head high and just keep on going. There are going to be better days ahead you got this! keep the song Roar by Katy Perry in your head....I got the eye of the tiger fighter dancing through the fire cause I am a champion and your gonna hear me roar!(I hope those lyrics are right) lol something I struggle with now is remembering lyrics.
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