Monday, June 23, 2014

Meanwhile in Michelle's World, USA

A Michelle Medical update:
Today is definitely Monday... I am still not feeling well at all, called my pcp Friday and they contacted me that afternoon oh, wait I contacted them and made them talk to me and the MA was suppose to call me back... She didn't... Monday morning 8 O'clock I call and leave a message to call me back and I did get a call back however I can't get in until next Monday and they are confused on what my neurologist wants me tested for(he wants me to be tested for basic infections) to rule out any such thing to be causing any symptoms.... my symptoms are pretty much anything and everything, but the biggest ones are my tummy is very upset and hurting and I live with nausea, I have massive migraines nightly, I am very fatigued, some nights I don't sleep really, and the list goes on and on... So I call my neurologist and left a message for the nurse explaining the situation... and the lady on the phone reams me for calling.... since when is it a problem to call a doctor's office? Instead I have to send an email, wait 2 days for a reply. then I reply and it is the same process over and over. My symptoms have been worsening for a month now... that is very scary since I was assured I would not get worse. Spending the day with a frustrated sad heart but I know the Lord is with me and he will make it all okay... it's a good day to listen to hymns....
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