Thursday, June 12, 2014

One Step Forward, Ten Steps Backwards, I Mean I Fell off a Cliff (hypothetically)

I have a lovely part time neighbor who is a massage therapist and last night she was kind  to me. She did a cranial-sacral massage on me. And I am So very thankful to her! A cranial-sacral massage is a massage that is very light to the touch they just barely touch you to get the fluids moving and all those energies. It relaxed my stressed out body and I was like this rocks so much! My brain had a lot of issues going on haha and the pressure that goes through your spine (I suffer from lots of spinal pain) from the top of the neck to the sacrum. It made my body just calm down, which is something that is nearly impossible for me. but about an hour later I was SO miserable and in soo much pain, I couldn't even handle it. My body came back with a vengeance! My little angry body just went into fit mode or something and I was in pain, tremoring, my eyes kept rolling backward. I can not even begin to describe the whole ordeal. I was very nauseated and had to pee a lot oddly and I just laid on the bathroom floor and cried.(because I was so sickly) I am now so scared about my long ordeal last night- it lasted for hours! It was one of my worst nights ever. Every  time I try to do something to help myself it seems to backfire on me... wish my body would just start working right again! Some times I wonder if this mangled up broken thing will ever be healed... but I know to pray, and have faith. If I don't get well he will help me to get through this, he will make it okay. We can do all things through Christ and God. They are there. They know my sufferings. I also know they can and will in time take them away... and everything will be okay <3
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