Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Grilled Cheese of Love

It was in the simple moment of making a grilled cheese for lunch... I was thinking deeply about the hard day I was having and I had noticed the bad health day was not tearing me apart... though I had a small heartache, I should of had a heavy heart as normal in these tough, trying days. Something was different today.... It was in the moment of realization while making that grilled cheese, that my heavenly father was literally carrying me today he is taking that singe of pain away and I just had the strongest reassurance it was him. He didn't take the sickness away but the pain, the worst part. He was carrying me through this hard day so I would not have to fight through it. He had answered my prayers once again. and in this very moment I could not help but to cry in gratitude for my savior and his love for me. That he would take my bad day and get me through it with out that deep hurt. He took it from me. For me. I am so thankful for moments like these when I know so strongly in my heart my savior is there. God is there protecting me, watching over me always. I am going to go eat that grilled Cheese in reverence. The best grilled cheese in my life ever!
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