Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Unbenifits of Not Looking "SICK"

I am still not doing very well at all... So I haven't posted as often because I don't have a whole lot to say unfortunately.... but today I want to discus the topic of 'but you don't look sick'... I guess you could say its a good thing and I am SO lucky I don't look sick. Well sometimes I am sure that is true but most of the time I find it works against me, very much. For instance at doctor appointments, "Hi, doc I am sick with everything" .... doctor: "you look perfectly fine, you don't seem sick to me" (try getting doctors to believe you when they can't see how sick you truly are) then there is the occasional family member or friend that just always tells you to be positive! Yes, because every patient with an invisible illness or any illness is just simply, well negative.... NOPE! My attitude is not what is making me sick.... but hey! we know they mean well in their hearts:)  Then today I had a new one happen at the MVD while getting my handicap sticker thing.... the lady gave me a quiz... she asked me a million questions about what is wrong and why and her remedy for me was to have my mom take me everywhere....I have that due to the heat and I get very ill in the heat so even if my  mom drives me I can't get too hot for any length of time, and I am 21 years old! I would like some form of independence! Plus I am not one of those kinds that mom does everything for me, yes she takes good care of me but I really like taking care of myself as much as possible and she works a full-time job....  AND my all time favorite is when the elderly tell me how lucky I am to be younger and healthy ... I just have no clue what it is like to be older and falling apart... true, I do not know the older part but I get the whole falling apart part. (I always just smile and laugh) Or when someone tells you, "you just are using it as an excuse" Excuse me! that is just plain rude no excuse for that one. I guess people just don't understand. Honestly how can they? Unless they have experienced a similar situation. Right? They just don't know....I am not perfect and I am working on this too... let's just not judge the book by its cover and spread love to everyone! xoxo-Chelle
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