Monday, June 30, 2014

Keep on Keepin On

Want to hear a funny thing that happened to me today!? Okay, I went to a medical supply place for a pelvic belt (to stabilize my pelvis on bad days) I hate to say it but the lady working there reminded me of Cruella Devil, She had quite the attitude. She finally stormed out of her office (literally) and came to talk to me because the girl up front didn't know what to do... The Lady: What is the reason for this? Me: to help stabilize the pelvis due to joint hypermobility. The Lady: Oh so you don't have any bones in your pelvis. (I would like to add I was standing in front of her) hahahha It was a good laugh at least! See my crazy life brings me joy and keeps me entertained :)
I am in pain tonight my SIJ joint is acting up... the problem is when I walk my hips are extra flexible due to joint hypermobility so it makes my frame unstable and my joints are super creaky and grindy, yuck!  Thank goodness for kinesio tape! I googled how to tape the SIJ joint and managed to tape it myself and it definitely helped!! basically tape the side of your hip/leg  with this shape: * Should be about 4 pieces around6 inch strips of tape.... but don't hurt your shoulder muscle while doing this like me hahah! tomorrow off to Mesa for physical therapy! I am building anxiety due to the excessive heat and my blood volume. Today was rough but I survived God is showing me many signs it will be okay, and to keep on moving forward!  I am a Fighter not a quitter! Fight on, even when you feel you no longer can! xoxo- Chelle
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