Monday, November 3, 2014


Most people can walk miles a day and not think twice. Some people can run miles a day. Today I walked a few feet with my dog. And if you are wondering...Yes, I am proud. Walking under the sunshine with all the pretty leafs, the brisk cold air (a little to cold) I felt alive for the first time in weeks. Not bed bound. not overly weak. Just alive. Me. Walking. Down the street. Smiling. Grateful. Happy. Proud. Blessed. Accomplished. Alive! That's what I felt today as I strolled through the fall air. My body is far from perfect. It plots against me everyday. I have been so weak I haven't been able to walk my few proud feet for weeks. But I did today. and that's just that. today! I don't know if tomorrow I will be able to or next week, next year, ect. but today. I did. xoxo-Chelle
(Mr. wrecker was more then happy to be out of the house!)