Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Clot./Tired.Who.Me?

I have literally been too fatigued to post! I just could not muster up what it took to even pull this up... But as I sit hooked up to my Cadd pump busy pumping in my nightly TPN (total parenteral Nutrition) I feel like it is a good time to! We will start with this tid bit. The other day I found out I have a blood clot from getting my Picc line placed (not even a week of having it) So they put me on aspirin and are monitoring it closely. I am praying it is magically gone Monday. If it worsens or moves into the larger veins out my Picc line will go. Into the other arm it will move to and I probably will develop a clot in that arm. yikes! But this is not why I haven't been posting... while yes the TPN helps me feel better. I am TIRED  all the time. past tired. Down right fatigued. I am unsure why this is but hoping it goes away and soon! Halloween was good but as we went to my Grandparent's for pizza (a family tradition) I had to leave early and I couldn't eat the pizza. Which was easier then usual because it didn't even look appetizing to me. The pizza was great and a good quality. My stomach just was mad from attempting to eat noodles the night before making me sick and in a little pain. So, just imagining what the pizza would have done was enough to make it unappetizing. My POTS had me down though. That's where my opponent of the day was. dizzy in every shape or form. slurry words. tremors. ugh POTS! Now I think the POTSY trigger yesterday is the Aspirin. Thins the blood. POTS causes low blood volume, low blood pressure, tachycardia (high heart rate) do the math. So early we left! I was bummed but tried focusing on the positive, I still went. I still saw my cute baby cousins and their adorable costumes. I still saw family. It took me all day literally to shower, and put make up my hair. and about an hours time was all it took for me to crawl back into my cave (my house). all that work! whoops not focusing on the positive am I? The weather has dropped much cooler and in fact there is thunder rumbling right this second! kinda exciting! I am excited for Christmas! Now don't get me wrong I love Thanksgiving. It just kinda dampers it when you can not eat. just sayin. So my non "replacement" holiday for all the non-eaters out there... (the day after Thanksgiving) Christmas tree decorating day! now I have always done this...I was the stickler when it came to this day growing up haha and I still am! It's so fun and all the pretties, lights, just pure joy! Wishing all you a happy November 1st and if it is November took me longer then I thought to write this! Lots of Love-Chelle