Monday, November 17, 2014

World Prematurity Day

Happy #worldprematurityday! I was a 3 month preemie so in honor of this day,
 (Born: January 29th Due date: April 26th)
this is me and my parents almost 22 years ago!

Dynamite comes in small packages.
(I got rid of tubes once before, think I can do it again??)

Finally the starvation ceased for the time being. Today has been rough. I basically am at the point to where I am starving or if I eat anything I am in pain or vomiting or both. It is so frustrating. I never know what exactly is the right decision when it comes to this. Thank goodness for my PICC line and TPN! However I just noticed my Picc line looks cracked a little...hope it is not an issue... she (home health nurse) could not get my extensions off so she really had to tug. hmmm I just realized how different my life is then "normal" 21 year olds. My extensions consist of longer tubing placed on my PICC Line so I can access it on my own... instead of long hair haha! Ugh my tummy is hurting :/ I can do this! God is with me and my angels <3