Friday, November 14, 2014

How I Feel About My Tubes.

             The fact that I have a feeding tube doesn't feel real all the time. I have moments when I realize I have to rely on a feeding tube for now and it feels weird. Over all this tube helps me feel so much better. I am not starving constantly. I have a little more energy and a lot less pain. I still vomit.  I eat very little on my own. But that tube feeding is sustaining me. Just like Heavenly father is always sustaining me in life.
               I have chosen to not change my life because of this. I will not avoid food. I will not avoid food situations...the grocery store, restaurants, pinterest/Facebook (all the recipes and pictures), TV commercials. I have chosen to take this challenge and roll with it. Embrace it. Because that is what my Father in Heaven wants me to do. He wants me to be happy no matter what I face in life. Trails are tough but they bring greater blessings. Even sickly, he wants my happiness to continue, grow. He wants me to spread goodness and light. So that is what I am doing! I know he is giving me such a strength with all this. Because it is true all of this it is easiest sick transition for me over all. I am sick. I am going to be sick. It's okay. It's how my life was intended to be. One day I will be whole again. In the mean time I can choose happiness. I am never alone here. Just that little bit of knowledge really goes a long way :) Hopeful & Heartfelt -Chelle