Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thinking about Love.

              Today I  want to write about love. Love is the most important thing in this life as well as in the afterlife. Love is bond that keeps us together forever. We all are focused on love in life. All types of  different loves exist. Each and everyone of us love. How much love are we spreading? Are we telling our kids we love them regularly? Our spouses? Our parents? Our grandparents? Our Grandchildren? Our friends? Our neighbors? Love spreads through out the earth in many different ways. Do we smile and hold a door for a stranger? Do we bite our lip with a loved one to avoid an argument? Do we bite even harder due to the risk of hurting another, out of temporary anger? Do we smile at the waitress who is having a hard time and reassure her, her flaws are okay? That she is a human being too? That they are not hurting us in any way? Do we be patient with one another? Do we jump to being angry with the person on the other end of the phone line? Because his/her's company wronged us (even though it was not that person's fault?) When we fall out of love or loose a friendship, do we let the hurt go or do we hold on tight to our anger/hurt? . Do we bully ourselves? Simply because we are not "perfect". Do we put so much pressure on ourselves and others that it tears us down as individuals? Is that Christ like love? I am always asking myself if I am spreading Christ like love In my life and I am not perfect, I definitely have room for improvements. But at the end of the day if I  keep Christ like love in my mind and remind myself to spread it. Will I spread it more? I did an experiment and the answer, yes.  It is neat to see other people light up and it's like a chain it just keeps going.... like if you hold a door for a stranger that stranger will probably hold a door for another after. Smiling to people, smiles are contagious. When spreading Christ like love we able ourselves to see more goodness and love in our days. Do we listen to our promptings? Do we act upon them? I will never forget one day a stranger practiced Christ like love to me in a very desperate time of need. I was trying not to scream because of this worst agonizing  pain ever, I was at the time experiencing in full force. I had been experiencing it for days. I had had surgery several days earlier. I had complications and ended up getting a latex catheter in surgery. I am allergic to latex and this caused swelling. So of course due to swelling. The new Catheter and I had to go home. When the swelling went down the clotting began and it hurt! After the drive and the bumpy wheel chair ride over pavers, and to the floor of the doctor's office. I was in agony. My mom was signing me in. That's when this dear lady walked up to me and put her arm on my shoulder. Very mother like and kind. She said to me something simple but very impactful to me, "I am sorry & it is going to be okay." I remember that awful day. That for months I tried to block out of my mind. That lady made me feel better in an impossible situation. We were in the pelvic pain specialist office. So, there is a good chance that sweet woman knew what I was going through. She felt prompted to comfort me in anyway she could possibly think of. She spread Christ like love.   If we spread Christ like love we aren't just spreading love but goodness. We are even spreading love to ourselves. I think that is what our Heavenly Father, who loves us endlessly wants. Is for us to spread love not just for others but for ourselves. Lots of Love - Chelle