Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today I saw my primary care physician. Who is super amazing and saving my body right now! She put me on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) through a PICC line. almost 2 weeks ago. It helps me a lot. I have Gastroparesis...which means my stomach is paralyzed. I was able to ask questions about my future today... and I was informed that the TPN is temporary and we hope my tummy starts working again! but I will be on TPN until my body is back to healthy, healed, and nourished. Then if I am puking at all or not able to eat like a regular person I will be receiving a J tube (Jejunostomy tube) basically a feeding tube will be placed into my small intestines. I threw up 3 times today ugh...I am not sad. I am happy to be receiving help instead of just rotting away and worsening. God loves me, he has a plan for me. Gastroparesis is  not fun but I can do all things with my loving Heavenly Father <3