Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The No Good Cadd Pump.

It is 11:15 P.M. and my sweet home heath nurse just left. My Cadd pump is awful and my 2nd one in two weeks...(they really could make them more user friendly) So my poor home health nurse had to come out and help me with it because the supplier was well not the nicest and just telling me it way okay when it simply isn't (looks like Cadd pump # 3 is coming up for week 3, not a good rate haha) It would not prime my tubing and none of the home health nurses knew how to prime this particular tubing without the pump (so it would be priming by gravity) Well my nurse figured it out tonight and we fixed the issue temporarily so I could hook up. I am so lucky to have such kind nurses who come to my needs when going through this craziness. They do tell me this is unusual to have all these weirdo pump issues I have had. luck me, I guess... Grateful for my helpers though who pull me through these learning/crazy times. (mom included) ... pumping away-Chelle

This is a Cadd pump. I use this Cadd pump for my TPN (total parenteral nutrition) through a picc line. This particular Cadd pump is a jerk ;)