Tuesday, November 4, 2014


First I will explain this photo...So these little guys are the ends to my picc line (it is sooo long because I have extensions, so I can do flush and hookup all on my little own.)
One of these little guys on the end fell off last night at like hmmm maybe 8:30. I was watching TV on the couch and I look down... "BLOOD!!!! My first thought, oh my gosh I can not believe I pulled my picc line out and did not feel it." Thought number two, "Oh wait I didn't pull it out haha." Third, "Blood! it's coming out my extension." Then I clamped shakily and called home health. The nurse came out and fixed me up...(because I did not know what to do) and I kinda felt stupid when we just had to clean it up really good and flush, flush, flush... of course by the time the on call nurse got to my house it had been like maybe and hour. Well, in that time my blood in the line started to clot up (as it should) but not good for me because we had to super flush that out with medication. So my line can be used as it should for TPN (total parenteral nutrition) I was like emotionally drained by the end and totally worked up I did not sleep well. I know in the scheme of things it really was no big deal but when you are learning about this and going through it all... it can be frightening! and then Stressful! But all is good! I see my doctor tomorrow wish me luck!
P.S. getting ultrasound Friday for the clot from my picc line, let's hope it shrinks some more by then :) lots of love- Chelle