Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Think I Can

I have returned home today from yet another trip to physical therapy! Except this time I have returned with a Pelvic Belt (brace) it is super gorgeous! haha I honestly do not care what I look like as long as I feel better! I am happy to announce my diet is working!!! I am feeling better in a lot of ways since removing Mast Cell foods from my diet (it hasn't been an easy change, but I can feel My Heavenly Father lifting me up. Definitely giving me strengths I did not know possible) WAYS REMOVING MAST CELL FOODS ARE MAKING ME FEEL BETTER:
  1. My tummy isn't constantly hurting!
  2. Very little GERD!
  3. Very little Nausea
  4. Urinary frequency much better!(mast cells can get in your bladder! insane!)
  5. Not constantly complaining about how bad I feel ha
  6. Less bone aching ( mast cells are produced in the bone marrow)
  7. Life is much brighter this way! THOSE FOODS ARE NOT WORTH IT!!
Now I will list what I have totally avoided: Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, milk, strawberries, pineapple, spinach, tomatoes, processed/aged meats, wheat, nuts, chocolate, meat that has been cooked and refrigerated!

THIS HAS TRULY IMPROVED MY QUALITY OF LIFE! I am not healed (I want to make that clear) and have a long road ahead but feeling better at all is a victory to me! Mast Cell Activation is an angry thing and I had no clue I was making myself sick with histamine induced foods!!! NO Clue!!
Honestly I prayed my heart out and I prayed for any guidance as being sick was just drowning me in so much sorrow, I prayed for a cure, for a cause, for anything that could help me! I was a squashed ant! My redeemer totally guided me to look into this Mast Cell Diet, I was in bed just over it all.... and all the sudden I was like OH My GOSH I have to go look this up on the internet! and I did! I wouldn't have guided myself to that on my own without the knowledge.... God loves you! He Hears you! Even when you might not feel like it, Keep moving forward pray be faithful! I also have had a strength I have never experienced before, it's Jesus Christ he guides me constantly. I just have to listen.... My 1st grocery store trip was agonizing realizing all the foods I love that I can no longer eat! I know I prayed through that whole trip and he was helping me keep it together! During my trip to Mesa I was unsure of how eating out would go.... I did it, I wasn't 100% thrilled with all my small choices of what to eat but I just kept telling myself, "At least I can eat/." " I will learn to like new foods." and "Nope, you don't wanna do that." (if you watch duck dynasty and have seen the episode where Miss Kay goes bowling with her grandkids....that was the voice I kept hearing in my head... "Nope you don't wanna do that, Nope you don't wanna touch that" hahah I know the Lord is carrying me.... Very much! He has given me peace in some of the hardest challenges I face daily, He is so wonderful!! I hope for you all wellness!

I would like to leave you with these brilliant words from Henry B. Eyring: " Although his time is not always, our time we can be sure that the lord keeps his promises."- Henry B. Eyring.  XOXO-Chelle