Monday, August 11, 2014


Where the arrow is pointing, that is where my pelvis decided to move apart  and hurt!
My latest and greatest. Last night I was moving on my bed like to reach my remote and my pelvis (I think dislocated but went backish in) the only way to explain it is it felt like one of those things you use to crack open crab legs, well that's what felt like happened to my pelvis! Yikes! woke up still hurting but we got it back into place fingers crossed! Now my whole day is ruined again and I am taking it easy! and in more pain!! My biggest issue with the whole thing is my progress. I was making progress on getting stronger and I worry this will get in the way :( They lord will provide! he always does.... I think he is really teaching me patients through all this! He must love me an awful lot to allow these situations, so I can learn and grow!! I hope you are well xoxo-Chelle
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