Friday, August 8, 2014

The Chains of Faith that Make Our Life a Master Piece

Today I was cleaning out my little wicker basket with all my blankets and purses in it. (got to store them somewhere) As I was cleaning it out I found some yarn, I have no clue why I bought this yarn or why I kept it but I did... I am not a person who likes to waste things, which led to my conclusion to YouTube how to crochet and I was going to crochet something....( I am truly convinced you can learn anything on YouTube) the yarn is too hideously bright and multicolored so I was like hmmm I will attempt making a blanket and we will see what happens... I am on my 3rd row just barley and I am not sure if I am doing well or not! I do like it though I find my mind wondering off as I craft every stitch. I think about life, my life, God, My Purpose here. It may be something I stick to but only time will tell... it is rough on my shaky little hands. I have to stop or use my fingers because I tremor a little. I don't want to not do things because of my illness, I want to try anyways even if it means trying ten times harder! I know my Heavenly Father has blessed me with a never ending will to fight and try. I had a very rough week and my heart was just on a total time out, I barley prayed, I stopped reading my scriptures nightly.... I regret it 100% once the negative feelings and fears worked their way out, I found myself missing the very best thing in my life, My Heavenly Father, My redeemer. I know they never left my side.... I am blessed, & loved and no matter what I will always be. What a comfort to know this! I have started my habits back up of regularly praying and reading scriptures etc.. I think my prayers are even stronger and so is my faith!  I feel closer to God than before.In the darkest hard times if life, we grow, we learn, we conquer, the biggest blessings come from the hardest trials in life! xoxo- Chelle
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