Wednesday, August 6, 2014


This past week has been hard for me, I had worked myself up to extremely scared and worried about my life and what it will be with all these medical issues. I felt like I had soo many emotions that I just kinda checked out for a few days. I just brew in my emotions and I am not sure if it was healthy for me or not but I needed it. last night I shared on my Facebook page as I posted here a fundraiser called clicking my heels for dysautonomia. I wrote on my Facebook post the complications, little knowledge, and research for this disease I have. I didn't have any response from anyone for hours (which was a little embarrassing and offensive) it was the 1st time I had ever said I have dysautonomia on my Facebook page. Then a classmate I went to high school with was so kind as to mention her friends name on my post and then that girl sent me a friend request. I thought to myself, "is this possible, to know someone with POTS?" I got super excited and started emailing her, I was just so curious... I had felt alone all week and here a total stranger was making me feel like someone was there. AND someone who actually understood!!! I felt the answer to my prayers had come...then she added my to a support group!! I have to say it was good to see others with my issues, unfortunetly some where much worse. It has made my heart feel full since. It is almost like I found a click where I belong in this world. I am so thankful for kind hearted people...isn't it amazing what just one single person can do for time you feel like nah I won't say something to that person they'll be fine. DO IT SAY SOMETHING TO THEM!! God hears me, he hears you. Lots of Love! well wishes to you -Chelle