Monday, December 8, 2014

"Find Me"

If I ever were to meet Hilary Weeks I am more than positive I'd tell her thanks! Her beautiful music always manages to capture how I am feeling. Sometimes those lyrics pop into my head at just the right time and I know God is talking to me, to my heart. Tonight as I took Wrecker (my dog) potty I was looking at the moon. I love the moon and the stars! To me they are a symbol by God of light even in darkness. Light can always shine through your heart even on the darkest days! As I looked up at that big sky  I heard (in my head) "Come find me in my hidden places, find me even where the shadows lye light a match bring a torch illuminate this great divine come find me" ( I hope I didn't butcher those lyrics POTS can mess with my memory a great deal) but I have been wanting God to find me. I was feeling frustrated for weeks not feeling him as I normally did. I knew he didn't desert me or leave me but I truly don't know if it was one of those teachers not allowed to talk during the test kinda things or if it was something with me but I feel him strongly now and my testimony is thickened. I know God was talking to me through music once again. "come find me" He wanted me to find him. To know he was there. As he always is. As the lyrics in "Find Me" go.... I believe that everything happens for a reason." I am a huge believer of that. God loves you. - Chelle
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