Monday, December 22, 2014

Last Christmas

Just one day left of antibiotics boy am I happy about that!! And 3 days until Christmas! After listening to Christmas Devotional It was a good reminder of what Christmas is all about, practicing Christ like love. Tis the season of giving. I aim to do well at this but being sickly (especially as sick as i am now) it makes it a little more complicated to do things for others. That being said does not mean i can not do them! All I've been able to do since I was in the hospital last month is just lay around hurting or nauseas/vomiting. My nervous system is in a tizzy. But the other day I was determined to help my mom out. I am an adult, I see I stress her out with being so ill. I see her just so tired from taking me back and forth to the valley to countless doctor appointments and staying up late at night because I don't feel good and I need someone to talk to. My mom is a super hero mom. Literally. She always puts herself last. This year she was giving her fellow co workers these cute fleece throws. She got busy and decided not to put anything on them because prior we had came up with "fleece Navidad" So she went to work and I spent hours making them and I had to use this pretty glitter cover paper but it was hard to work with and nothing would stick. Our glue gun was out of glue, so I found some craft glue but it took a long time. It was a mess! Plus, I was trying to write neatly (I struggle with handwriting) but in the end they were cute and I helped my Mom. I wish I could do more for her so much more but I know my efforts where measured big by her. After I was finished I had to take a nap haha that's how much work it was for me but I'd do it again in a heart beat. Last year was a good Christmas so I thought I'd reminisce and do a flash back.
 My sister Chels and Brother in Law Billy
Dad & Mom
Me and Chels opening the same gift.. Nollie perfume
Looking at these, my hair has grown a ton! yay
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