Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Only Grandma can make me feel better

Today my Grandma stopped by to drop off my gift she got for me when I was in the hospy (hospital) the cutest pair of Leopard print slippers ever! with a bow! if there are 2 things I love it is leopard print & bows! I have a pair of leopard print slippers from 2 Christmases ago gifted by my sister Chelsey but these are much cuter and have a bow! If you want to find them they are by dollhouse. I have no clue where she got them.  Then Grandma took me to Walgreens Whoo hoo! lol but she was a big help! I really needed to go there and get my mediations. I have a bacteria overgrowth we think... stupid Gastroparesis you are so mean! Now I am on antibiotic and those kill me! oh boy! it may be a long week!! I got home just in time to be sick boo! I am not complaining though I had a great day :) Love spending time with Grandma! Thanks Grandma xo-Chelle

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