Monday, December 15, 2014

Petition Gastroparesis Disability/Funding for research.

Gastroparesis means: Paralyzed Stomach ... In a person with a paralyzed stomach our motility of our GI tract is slowed.

As you know I am a newbie to having Gastroparesis. However it is very life altering in so many ways. I can't eat. When I do eat I get sick; Vomiting/constant nausea, screaming pain, bloating, Constipation, diarrhea, and everything in between. It also causes malnutrition, which is why we live off of tubes to be fed. And because of the slow gastric emptying we are prone to getting infections in our GI tracts or blockages. Gastroparesis for me and many others is like living with the stomach flu. It never ends. Think about this do you go to work when you have the runs or are vomiting all day? It makes it hard to do much of anything. (I know Gastroparesis is just one of the many ailments I have but it is a biggie) Did you know some amazing people have had their life's taken away. Yes, Gastroparesis is a killer! We need to catch that killer and save life's. I can not even find a doctor to treat Gastroparesis and even better I have some friends with it in the exact same boat. This is serious Guys!  We need funding for research! Gastroparesis needs funding for research too! So us the patients can have not just better care but better qualities of life. Thanks-Chelle
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