Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Trust Your Gut...

I am a Rock star. This morning I awoke to radiology calling for info. for my neck MRI. Then a few minutes later my primary care physician's office called... I have been waiting for weeks for her to find me a gastroenterologist who will A. take my case and B. treat my gastroparesis and C. Do my tubes and take care of them.... Well her idea and my idea must have been two very different things because she is sending me to a general surgeon... in a rural area. Bottom line I need to be in the city where all my other doctors are with all the issues I have and the hospital here just does not understand me and my crazy situation. And I am a lot to take on medically. So I was just in shock because when I was in the hospital during Thanksgiving with my tummy. I had to go out of town because they are not equipped up here to do it in rural AZ. (that's what she said and sent me out of town) So I just got on my awesomeness and started calling around. Simply because my gut was screaming NO to me. (this is a skill sick people pick up very well... calling doctor's offices... and googling places for treatment.) I ended up calling the children's hospital's GI team. They were super nice when I simply just called to ask who they sent their adult patients to. Got a number and called it and found a doctor who will treat my gastroparesis and do everything! Now I just pray it all works out for me because I really need this! I am excited. I will be seeing him next Monday. If you have some prayer time please pray for this to work out for me that I can get good tummy care because it is seriously so hard to find. xoxo- Chelle
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