Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Show Low, AZ. Woolford's Garage.

So my Grandma was shopping and found these super awesome mugs where we live...Show Low.  On these mugs has a picture of Woolford's Garage.  Let me tell you why this garage has so much importance to me.

A little History...
Woolford's Garage is my Family's garage. It has been family owned and operated since 1947. (67 almost 68 years).My Great Grandparents opened the garage back in 1947. It's been going strong since.  My Grandparents both have put in many years here and a lot of hard work! They really kept this place going for a long time and they did a such a  great job! (and still do) I am super proud of them. They are a fine example! A few years ago Woolford's Garage survived a fire and of course made the front page of paper but even a fire couldn't stop it.
(this photo found at WMI central link above, they have all photo credit)
As you can see in this picture back through the gate (where the trees are) there is a hill of grass, from the church. That is where we all stood that awful evening. I will never forget it. And Family friends and family members would come stop by that hill of grass and talk to us. Comfort my grandparents. But in the end it was all okay! well a little crispy but some TLC fixed it right up.

So many hearts and hard working hands built this business I am proud to call them my family <3