Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rolie Polie & update

well today I received my IV pole. And of course me being me I had to decorate it up a little... So this is what happens it matches the tree haha. The pole does not have wheels but I am still going to call it rolly polie!
say my primary care practioner today. She is of now calling gi doctors to take my case and insert my Jejunostomy & gastronomy tubes. So I am feeling better about things because I am finally moving forward. And a lot nervous about having tubes in my tummy. My tummy has bacterial overgrowth because it is sluggish and slow. I failed at taking oral antibiotics so therefore the iv pole came and I have to do iv antibiotics through my picc line. So far tummy is much happier! Also she said my tummy is trying to "eat" itself because it's so empty always and so for that I get stomach coaters. I also have bad acid reflux that is making my throat sore so I am already taking omeprazole 2 times a day so she added zantac but it has to be broken into 1 4 times a day for 1 dose because tummy is not working.  I may have a uti but  the antibiotics will fix that! went to get my blood work and I am apparently a turnip because you can not get a drop of blood out of me! That's that!- Chelle
p.s. please sign this petition if you can it is for funding for gastroparesis and to recognize it as the disability it is!! Here is the link: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recognize-gastroparesis-disability-and-create-funding-research-study/D7VmYVWT
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