Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Suprise

My Sweet Family surprised me on Thanksgiving evening. My Mom stayed with me the whole hospital stay. So my Dad, Sister Chelsey, & Brother-in-law Billy sneaked down and did a surprise visit. My heart smiled it was good to be with my family even though the circumstances where... less then great. My and Chelsey took pictures and goofed off like all sisters. And she said she ate the best hamburger ever at the cafeteria (on thanksgiving) lol. Families are forever <3 I most certainly love mine!!
I am happy to announce I am home again. Doing somewhat better pain wise and more then glad to be out of that hospital room named 832. TPN (nutrition) was arranged to 18 hrs a day so hooked up to my tubies longer. Unfortunelty no further care or action has taken place after a week in the hospital... That's part of having this stuff wrong with you...Doctors do not typically want to take you on because you are complicated or they do not know. Have to respect their feelings, but hope I can find A gastroparesis doctor to help me sometime soon in the near future!!