Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Agony, in a chunk of time

I am up with horrible painsomnia!!! Let me explain how my typical ickyness feels.. I hate it when every fiber in my body hurts so deeply and consumes my whole body. The pain races through your thoughts but all you can do is lay in a curled up ball. It's your only defense. You try to distract your mind from the pain, trying everything. It's like calming a fussy baby. Then comes another wave of nausea and pain. You gi tract feels as if it's been flipped, tangled, and twisted upside down. The agony unbearable. Bad boom ba boom, you're heart beats strong and you can hear it in your ears each beat rattles your brain. Now your head hurts too. The noises seem to be a million times louder then normal, with each pitch sending a wave of electric pain. You take shallow breaths. Your best attempt to not give into the chronic. So you take big cleansing breaths and let the toxins float away. You think getting up will help but the slightest tilt of the body knocks you over. Your head is spinning. Now your slurring words and feeling completely out of control. Your brain is not cooperating . I can't think. What do I need to do. Then come the heaves The agony is still there waiting, pleading, praying for it to past. That's POTS and pre syncope -Chelle