Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Catching Rays and more

Caught some rays today. The weather is beautiful! Lots of good days. I had a much needed peaceful day. No medical mishaps. No disruptions. Just a peaceful decent feeling sunshine day. Mr. Wrecker enjoyed being put on the sun so much he hung out in the shade haha
definitely haircut time. I felt the spirit strong in my heart. I guess a little nature can remind a person how wonderful life can be. I definitely had heaven sitting besides me on the porch swing.  My angels are with me as well as a loving Heavenly Father. I have what I need -Chelle P.S. Every single person I've talked with in the past two weeks have commented on my pale skin. And I'm totally not offended by it! They even ask me if I am ok haha so maybe some of you are worried too? I am simply a natural redhead who has heat intolerance and dehydrates easily, plus I am tube fed and I can't remember why but it makes us have a harder time to pick up color I wanna say because of iron? Hmmm not sure. But yes I'm ok for me :) no worries