Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Doctors take responsibility please

Sick me....
Healthy me... (Can you see the difference).                                           Yes I can put a smile one my face a talk to my doctors when they see me once a day in the hospital. Because sadly I have to. You get so much info from me during those few short minutes...why judge me for it? I'm helping you aren't I? I mean you kept asking questions? All I did was answer? 

 Let me fill you in on things, I basically can only handle so much "sick life" before I explode... So the mixture of 4 separate hospitalizations, in one month. Along with the doctors who totally didn't want me there the last two hospitalizations. Which only resulted in me fighting for regular care and them missing out on an learning experience for their future patients but wait! If that's how they treat their patients I feel sorry for them in advance because they won't get help either due to those specific doctors. But people we have a huge problem on our hands in the medical field! .... It's easier to blame the patients these days. Honestly I get more scolding now as an adult chronically ill patient then I ever did as a child growing up (by my parents) I am constantly getting told I'm crazy though because of the the doctors telling me that over and over again...and me being such a good patient. I did start counseling and I do get psychiatric help... Know what they have to say about my mental state? That I'm normal and they typically are impressed by me... So since I  am under care that really closes that door as soon as it's opened by hospitals. I can't count how many times they've tried putting me in psychiatric care in hospital stays because they snap judged me and refused to listen to a word I had to say ... (And yes I am truly sick with papers to prove it all) past that first snap judgement....And the nurses some are amazing but some are so full of their huffy puffy aditudes, that they are so annoyed by me. That they complain to me about how much work I am to them and they know it all...yet I have to tell them how to do everything for me. (Which I don't mind one bit, but the atitude I do mind very much) Then you have lazy nurses (and the doctors that are behind the lazy nurses too) who refused to give me meds because I  got to the hospital at 9:30 pm (yeah because not taking regular at home medications makes any sense) I fought this, but yeah they didn't give my regular meds to me. And of course I went into withdrawal twice in that 24 hrs. Thanks to them ...You know deciding to just be LAZY! Oh and not feeding a patient due to them having a feeding tube is highly unacceptable! How about you get sick and I will withhold your food  for no reason until I get fed next time? Lets see how you like it! What is this Shady Pines? No it's a hospital where people come to get help. You know my team of hospital doctors really told me to come home and quit. That I needed to stop seeing specialists. They were all just pill pushers and that I needed to stop all medications because I take too many that's rediculous...Notice a  pattern here? Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. When are doctors going to start taking accountability for their actions? Since when is blaming the patient ok? I don't walk into those doctors offices nor any hospital going "woe is me" "it's all your fault I have POTS. It's all your fault I have Gastroparesis. Ect. It's all your fault I'm sick!" And I would never ever do that to any doctor!!! It's not their fault. It's not my fault. It's life. One of the uglier parts. So doctors if my complex disease history bugs, offends you along with my wide knowledge about it. I think you may be getting mixed signals I'm not looking for a cure, simply care. Compassion from one human being to another. Because I am not just a patient. I am a person too. Doctors please pay attention are you taking accountability for your own actions? And the things you say or do to your  patients? If so then high five but if you are one of the probably millions of doctors blaming your patients for them being in your office, or hospital, blaming other doctors who they've seen for years and specialize in that area of expertise and care. That have a much better understanding of the case simply due to time and their specialty...Don't rag on those specialists. Stop blaming every body else!! Take a stand to be the doctor you took the oath to be. I get you can NOT fix everything. You are human too and that's perfectly exceptable...But I never want to read another doctor's article about how it's a chronic patients problem that you feel less than yourself aka your ego is bruised by a chronically ill patient. DO NOT blame me for that!!!!! I bet you that patient is not looking for a cure, just compassion, and to be treated equally. I liked the reminder that doctors are human too I read that a lot. I totally support that line and I am constantly reminding myself that very thing too. But we patients are humans too ya know? So quit blaming us. I don't blame you  do I? Have I ever walked in and told a doctor, "it's all Your fault that I have these incurable diseases." " You did this to me." "Or I did not take my medication that's your fault doc." No because at least for me that would never happen in a  in a million years! So maybe you have had a hard case... Maybe it's not so fun you don't get to be the super hero doctor with that healing cape on. However putting the blame on me the patient is not even a little bit acceptable. Take your own responsibility nurses included too. I am sick of me and my community of chronically ill being sent to psych wards, ignored, sent home to take a stop on all treatments (result of making us sicker), or even death...you say this to get us out of your hair. But do you realize what that does to a person? okay yes your getting the blame for that but shouldn't your actions have consequences because they dang  sure do for me? And the others in this same situation! don't allow us to fall through the cracks because we are human too and we need your help and want it. So you take your own responsibility and I will take mine and let's hope the patient care grows to be better because now it's kinda in the dirt. (I want to make clear this is not the case for all nurses,doctors, hospitals, and:or any other medical professional there are many talented hard working caregivers In This world and they deserve the moon for their efforts.) but sadly their is a divide in our health care between my long post and those good amazing doctors. And the patients are suffering. I'm standing up for the chronically ill complex patients who bruise egos by existence and get snap judgements made and no further help just because I'm super sick ... Don't you think I'd stay at home if I'm so used to being sick instead of blindly walking into a fight fest for help??? No I'd stay home and care for myself and save the energy  gladly. -Chelle