Saturday, May 7, 2016

My rest of the week

So we left to go to the valley Wednesday night and it took forever due to all the construction. This was at 9:30pm on a WEDNESDAY night!! Lots of people and even more construction go through Payson it's really rough and not easy on the vehicle...
I saw my kidney doctor Thursday and she basically said what we figured was going on... Because of my POTS my kidneys are over producing urine and kicking out my electrolytes with it. So yeah I'm basically always dehydrated and I have been for years. The two liters of Iv fluids I get along with 500mg magnesium has been helping but at the same time giving my kidneys more ammo creating my to just kick out more. But it is necessary for me to have that large amount of fluids to not be super dehydrated anyways we are trying a medicine fluocortisone, To try to break the cycle of my kidneys over working or malfunctioning. Then we went to our old stomping grounds Park Place Deli it's kinda to the side and behind st Joseph's hospital in pheonix but it's awesome!!! I have lots of memories there, we lived at that place in between appointments and therapy back in the good ole days when my doctors thought they could and would get me back on my feet and in their places they did but I have an ugly monster called Dysautonomia on my back and of course they didn't know. I didn't know. I knew I was super sick. The urologist appointment was short and sweet but I liked him he had been over all my records and hospitalizations he knew all my top notch fancy pants specialists and he is not saying a word until after testing because he doesn't want me to worry about things that we don't know about. Little does he know I am a doctor myself and I know way more then he probably thinks haha. So I am a mess,but I have more new specialists who so far have been good to me and want to help me despite all my illnesses. I'm m have quite the crew working on me lets hope I can get a better quality of life somehow. I am doing better then last week pains in control and lessened but I just started with the lower rib pain after starting my iv. And I am running a fever still. P.S Happy Mother's Day to all of those Moms out there and huge hugs to those missing their moms this year xo😘