Monday, May 16, 2016

Feeling hyper and full of blessings on a Monday

I'm I m feeling better people! well, as long as it's. Not night time! I actually have gotten dressed and put make up on wow! And then I actually left the house haha. 
I was super excited and I went to get in Herbie (my Volkswagen Beetle) and he had a flat tire. And I keep thinking of the gieco commercial with the silly lizard. I am hoping to get it fixed today my grandpa Doug took it to be looked at and hopefully patched. So thankful for him taking care of me (and my dad! my dad did a lot of tired taking off of and inspecting last night and airing it up. I am so very blessed with grandpas, my Grandad Owens passed away in 2008
but he is for sure and angel in heaven and if your a regular you have seen my posts about how that veil to heaven is oh so thin. Our angels are there with us especially in times of needs. My Grandad definitely is with me when I need my angel! Such a special blessing in life!  But here is more exciting news!
I turned this purse into a.....?
Feeding bag/purse! Go me!!! I think I figured out what I need to simply do to turn my bags into feeding bags as well! Super big smile inserted, right here! I tried ordering a customized one on etsy but the seller got me all set up and excited and we made a plan... Then I asked for a rough estimation of the costs and she never spoke to me again. Even after several attempts throughout a months time of hearing nothing back. So weird. Kinda made me mad I won't lie. But TODAY her loss and my win! Big win!!! Happy Monday!! Lots of love-Chelle