Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Down day

Well I knew it was just a matter of time...Today is a rough one I did get my mile in still but I have been up since six am with a tummy ache then that got better and now I'm so totally worn and tired. I assume the weather and my allergies have something to do with this. I also felt crummy last night due to "medicine sick" ( where you take so much medicine you get sick and poisoned feeling from all those side effects)  there seems to be a tummy bug in this house and oddly the dog started it, then I had it, now looks like mom may have it. Uh oh! My goal today is to rest, take a shower, and then access my port (no needle in my chest what what?) so have have to reaccess the port. Hoping if I rest today my body will get happy and feel better tommorow and Friday for my neurology appointment. (Trying to save my spoons) Wish me luck!! Lots of love and hearts-Chelle