Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Today I repack everything that I just unpacked. Irony lol. I not only have to pack clothing and the normal I have to pack all my feeding supplies and pump then all my port and Iv supplies and pumps ... And of course there is the dilemma of taking ivs that have to be refrigerated. Phew! I have been at it off and on resting in between rests. I about got it all. Now taking a min to rest some more!! I even took a shower and shaved wow! A POTSies biggest struggle is a shower they mess with our blood volume and our hearts rapidly beat while standing and lifting our arms above our heads make it even worse but that's just life with POTS as long as we don't get extremely ill or pass out we win! I also had to access my port. I am so busy and worn out! I'm still sick but I am improving with the pain I have had fevers still off and on... Wrecker is totally mad at me he went in the house and he is ignoring me. But when I asked him if he was mad I was leaving again he grumpy me from across the room... Luckily my kind neighbors are going to let him come play while I'm gone! My neighbors are seriously the best they are full of compassion and always are willing to help out with wrecker idk what I'd do without them! thanks guys you all rock seriously!! Going to see nephrologist (kidney doc), urologist, and Dr. Brooks. Wish me luck-Chelle