Thursday, May 26, 2016

Won't let go

Tonight has been anxiety filled and I honestly don't know why. Besides my trip to the neurologist tomorrow. Traveling is so hard on a POTSie body. Poor circulation in the car, change in altitudes, motion sickness... After my long day of packing a ton of stuff for my day trip
(us chronics have a lot of luggage) but tedious work how many doses of meds, sodium, it never ends. Then I'm constantly making medication lists that are  long. Idk just a lot of work being sick. But my head was spinning with fears. But my Heavenly Father sends me messages (for sure through song and many other ways) but tonight I was getting ready for bed brushing teeth,washing face, saying a few prayers. But the whole time this song popped into my head... I didn't know the name of it or anything. I just heard "It hurts my heart to see you cry  I know when it's dark this part of life oh it finds us all and  we're too small  to stop the rain. Oh but when it rains, I will stand by you, I will help you through, when you've done all you can do, and you can't cope. I will dry your eyes I will fight your fight, I will hold you tight, and I won't let you fall. Don't be afraid to fall I'm right here to catch you I won't let you down." End song. Wow isn't that such a clear loving message from my Heavenly Father! I am so touched. He sent me an olive branch tonight my path may never be easy but knowing how much love I have from God and Heavenly Father and mine Angels here and in heaven. Jars moments in life open windows for our souls to grow closer to our Heavenly Father and our eternal futures. love you -Chelle I looked up this song and it's