Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pelvic pain, what to do?

How many wires can and tubes can one girl have haha 
My pelvic pain and lower abdominal pain have been increasing and my pelvic floor muscles aren't to happy with me lately. So besides my Iv fluid and my j feeds I am so grateful I can use my tens unit. (Photo above) the electrodes mix up the pain signals and it's safe, no side effects, and it really works. I've seen them or I should say similar products come out since I got this tens unit. But it was a whole process with a doctor's script and insurance. This is the exact Same in if use at physical therapy so we knew it would work for me. So I highly suggest them they are well worth it. Especially for people who have chronic pelvic pain, or lower back pain, or lower abdomen. I mean took Tylenol and used baclofen suppositories but they just didn't work on this particular day. Pelvic floor spams are tricky you have to just ride the tide and do what you can and some days that includes just letting them be crazy and wild. But that tens unit knocked the pain out. I recovered from a trauma case so I will always have issues and I can't complain. Oh and I did graduate physical therapy about a year and a half ago. I had the best therapist ever! Dynamic rehab ladies that's the place to be for p.t.  I'm a huge physical therapy fan it took me 21/2-3. Years and some times I felt like it would never end so stick to it! My doctor told me after a few devastating months of p.t. That it would take years but to look back every 3 months and if I saw progress (which she ensured I would) I could quit or carry on. And of course every few months I'd look back and see  my slow but definite progress. Pelvic floor issues are tough but I believe there is a lot more to be learned about it all and more women and men will be talking raising awareness which in turns raises help for a suffering person-Chelle