Friday, May 27, 2016

Neuro visit update

I had a good day I am so much brighter since not starving all the time!
Well I saw my neuro today and overall I can't complain. I had a good appointment and we are starting topamax for migraines (since they have worsened) if that does not work I will be getting Botox injections and/or nerve blocks in my neck. He felt my right eye is flickering and spasming due to the head pain. He checked it out extremely well and had me worried for a second because my right eye is having the issue and he looked at my left eye forever so I was like uh oh no hey that's the good eye. There can't be something wrong that's my good one Hahahah So good news really he said to continue onl to kidney specialist and urologist and to keep doing what I am doing.
Costco is close so we ran to get a few necessities and I found myself a house to live in...
Good news I won't be a homeless person anymore but I think all my medical supplies will need their own house too haha!just gave in and ate a tiny kids meal at chick fil a and now am super pukie. Now for the ride back home in holiday traffic. So far a fantastic day for me.  Wish me luck!Chelle