Monday, May 2, 2016

My mom

My mom is truly full of beauty inside and out ...
These are my favorite pictures of her 
She is truly the best mom she does everything and anything every time I need help she fights the ugly fight right by my side she would do anything for me and my appreciation is never ending. I could never thank her enough for all she does. She is truly my rock. The one person I would be so lost without. She holds my hand when I cry and am afraid. She picks me up when I fall. And when I loose my fight she lends me hers and isn't afraid to tell me when I need correction. She is the ultimate cheerleader. She works her butt off to provide for her family then comes home and works some more putting dinners together cleaning the house, doing the laundry paying the bills she is super Mom. She had to run out of work last week to come home pack us both up and ALL my supplies. (I too weak) she selfishly got in that  car and drove all evening to pheonix then dead tired stays up with me and nurses to make sure I get the best care when they weren't willing. She sits and deals with fatigue sleeplessness in those noisy hospital rooms and uncomfortable chairs waking up  laying over a table in a tiny hospital room. She hurts from sleeping in the most uncomfortable positions but she never leaves. She is so amazing she pulls me up me when I'm upset getting kicked out of the hospital to the next place and fights with me some more putting her own hurt , afflictions, and upset aside and putting me first. She is scared too and upset watching her daughter fall apart physically it hurts her every bit as much when I'm not okay. She feels just as clueless as me but she keeps going. There is nobody on this earth so unselfish as my mom. She is such an inspiration to me and I could not love her more. Heaven really did give  me an angel when he made her my mom. Thanks mom you are truly the best mom in the world as well as friend but you have always thbeen a fried to me but always were sure to use the mom card discipline was never dismayed. You taught us how to be nice, loving, wonderful individuals but you also taught us respect and manners, right and wrong, and life's not fair. You taught us to be hard workers and you taught me to be a fighter...but however if needed you will kick our butts! Thank you mom seriously for everything. I could never count or add up the millions of times you have been there for me. Even now as a grown woman you are there no matter what. Thanks for all the never ending love and care I could never thank you enough for all you give. I really love you mom ..... My mom ran and got me this little inspire on coin when she was kicked out of my room for x rays the other side says keep fighting. I will cherish this forever though. She walked in the room moments after a jerk doctor and handed me that. I was grumpy and I felt like I was going to fall apart, bursting at the seams. But my momma loves me and she told me to keep fighting! And I knew I could handle the rest of the time there while being judged and mistreated I knew I could get through the hard times! 
Mom, you inspire me to be strong and inspire other because you have always inspired me.
I hope I turn out half as good as you did xo -Chelle 

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