Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wrong Decision Dysautonomia

Do you ever do something and wish you would have done it a different way?? Well this morning I woke up at lovely 10:30. Why did I sleep in so late on a Tuesday morning?? Oh, that's because  I was up all night with the worst inconsolable headache ever. So of course when I woke up my first thought was oh no the grass! Our yard is tiny so when my parents put down hydra seed I got the job of keeping the soil moist. (it's monsoon season so basically early morning and evening when it is cool, because I get very sick in the heat and my blood volume shrinks by the minute) So when I woke up so late I looked out the window at that grass! It was dry! In my panic I just went out there didn't think all I was thinking was oh no the grass is dry looking.... So as I am watering the grass in the sunshine, I start to feel a little dizzy and a little funky.... by the time I got inside I was in pass out mode. Dysautonomia was having a hay day with my body. I knew I needed salt to build my blood volume back up. So I hurriedly grabbed a slice of cheese and ate it so I could take 2 salt tabs. Then I drank a small Gatorade. Then I had a horrid pedialyte popsicle. That seemed to do the trick. Then I put a cold compress on my neck to cool me down. As I was doing all this I realized why did I even do this? I should have just slowed down and ate breakfast then watered. Sometimes we put unimportant things in front of important things. It is not because we are stupid, just because we are trying and sometimes I think we become forgetful. I just knew if I would have chose the right and took care of my condition, I would have been fine and having a better day. Now normally when I think choose the right I think the difference between good and bad....But in everyday life choosing the right simplifies our life, like if I would of chosen the right and ate... even the littlest things in life are better if we always choose the right. I think that's just another way God is making our life's easier with this knowledge we have - Chelle