Friday, July 25, 2014

Never Stop Praying

  Today was hard. Really hard. This whole past week has been hard. I feel like my illness has won. I feel I have no real care today from my doctor and I fear going so long without proper treatments will leave me with some awful symptoms forever. I can't go back. I can't change time. Though my heart feels broken I know my heavenly father is here. Helping me. I just have to pray and put my faith to the test. Love life. and be brave. (you can't read my ring but that's what it says) Heavenly Father sent me here, I chose this life. Now I just have to find that part where I am strong. Some days feel impossible, others I feel like a rock star. But unfortunately I feel impossible more then a rock star regularly. I do still have hope for a better future and a fuller life. Time heals all wounds they say. I will never quit heavenly father, After all I am a fighter not a quitter. I know you will help me along the way with whatever life throws at me good or bad. or scary. Love, Chelle.

I am going to hash tag POTS and Dysautonomia on my post about them in hopes other suffers can see my story and hopefully find hope or just some way to relate to someone. It's a rare disease and hard to handle. My love goes out to anyone dealing with any form of affliction. Being ill or any other form. xoxo Chelle #Dysautonomia #POTS