Thursday, July 31, 2014

I Don't Want to be "Rich", Because I Already Am!

"quarter in a payphone drying laundry on the line,
 watching sun tea out the window pocket watch tellin' time"
-Miranda Lambert (automatic)
I am unsure if I am just growing up or if it's all I've been through... But I finally quit thinking' "One day I will be rich, no matter what." As a kid you always think you will have the finest house and even more fine things to fill it up with, you will have the best car, & the most glamorous clothing. Lately, I don't even want a big fancy house I honestly would be happy with a simple house with simple things... I don't even want to be rich, which is probably good because I have much doubt I'll ever be rich anyways haha with being disabled for the past 3 years, and the medical expenses I will be lucky just to pay my bills one day! But having things just doesn't hold value in my heart. Just because one has more "things" than another person never makes them of more importance. We are all wonderful and hold the same importance on this earth! God never made 2 the same... One huge thing I have learned from being sick is, money is just money, it can't buy you happiness (and even if it does, it is not permanent no matter what you buy, it grows old or worn out... it isn't the latest trend all loses it's value and happiness at some point or another) And if it holds it's own value, well.... you can't take it with you to heaven!! :) Happiness is in our souls, it lays in the foundations of our life's. The choices we make, the things we do with our time here on earth, the peoples life's we touch. How you value yourself, Having faith, standing next to God, & our savior Jesus Christ, putting our life into prospective of eternity, family your loved ones.... health...those are the things that hold value in this world! Our church leaders warn us to get out of debt & that money is not everything here on earth.... Our lives, our spirits, our souls, doing for others, now that is where the riches truly lie. One day we will All ( if we hold to the commandments and do right) be rich! Rich will be crossing the finish line into heaven through those beautiful gates! I am not rich by money and you know what? I am starting to think being "poor" is a good thing! Something to be proud of.... My parents have both worked hard full time jobs my whole life, And they both go with out things they want or dreams they had, a major importance my parents taught me was to get out of debt, You don't always want to not have that super fancy house on a hill, but you will be forever happy with your family, the people you love...that is rich. You just have to keep your prospective on life. Listen to the guidance from Our heavenly Father, Our Living Profit Thomas S. Monson, and the rest of the authorities. Reel in the important things in life... I am blessed to have parents like mine!! They have been so supportive of me and my being sick, they pay for all I have, if they didn't I would be in a box on the curb, I know not all parents would be a wonderful as mine... they could of chosen to believe I was dramatic or crazy (as many doctors said), they could of kick me out at 18... but instead they continue everyday taking care of me. Now I would love to move out! But for now, I am right where God wants me to be! For the 1st time in my life, without a dime to my name, I know I am rich!