Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many;
but endure them for lo, I am with thee even unto the end of days"
D&C 24:8
Today I had a decent day I moved some stuff in my room around, including the sign that hung on my wall no on my dresser in straight view from my bed, that reads "come what may and love it" It is from an older talk from general conference but the night I streamed it on YouTube was a very comforting night listening to those words from elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. Now today I still take those very words straight to my  heart in times of frustrations or hardship. Last night I came across the quote above out of Doctrines and covenants. The Lord was preparing me for some bad news I think looking back. He was letting me know I will be okay. Got an Email from my Neurologist and he doesn't know about my watery nose.... So back to pcp and then to Ears, Nose,& throat. He also wants a brain MRI luckily I have one but its from 2012.... hope it works. It is not even all bad news for I prayed for more help from my doctor, I had to push him a little and be like hey answer my questions and look into these things I am going through. I prayed and the Lord graciously answered! I am just nervous about being so sick sometimes (yes I am doing better) but still neurologic conditions scare me. But if the Lord brings me to it he will bring me through it. & you too, if you are going through a trial. Prayers! Lots of Love to you! -Chelle